Will AI help your business, steal your jobs, or leave you in the dust?

Posted by Stephanie Organ on 22-Nov-2019 11:41:35

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With AI set to expand and evolve over the coming years, with 61% of businesses already implementing some form of AI, you may be beginning to wonder where AI might fit in your company. Is it a god send to simplify daily work tasks, or is it an unsolicited evil come to displace hardworking individuals? In reality, AI can help to speed up processes and eliminate mundane tasks saving businesses precious time and money, thus it can be used to enhance jobs rather than replace staff.

AI can be implemented in a huge range of areas, from marketing, detecting fraud, guiding the customer experience, recommending actions, customer service and much more. Lots of businesses are already using AI to streamline many of these processes, so why aren’t you? If you’re thinking that AI is an unnecessary or futuristic goal for your business, then you are turning down ultimate efficiency and allowing yourself to fall behind. Just like creating an online presence, now considered an absolutely vitality in running a business, AI is predicted to be just as essential, and getting a head start could be key. But how do you even begin incorporating AI when you don’t have the knowledge within your team?

This is where you need an expert to help you evaluate the requirements of your business and come up with an individual AI strategy and even train staff to manage this section in the future. Teaming up with an AI Consultant can help you discover and understand what techniques you could and should be implementing, for example, taking your marketing strategy to the next level through automating processes like building buyer personas, monitoring social media, propensity modelling, content optimisation, and so on. Bringing in AI won’t replace your team, rather level them up with a new skill set and freeing them up to work on more intricate tasks.

Nightingale HQ can help you breach the gap between the unknown, putting you in touch with AI and data specialists who can deliver top notch advice and training to you and your business, keeping your business ahead of the game.

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