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    The shift to AI in manufacturing: post pandemic growth

    Published on 08-Oct-2020 09:34:49

    There is no doubt that AI has enabled major efficiencies in predictability and capacity across the supply chain in manufacturing. The global pandemic has also accelerated digitalisation and automation as key strategic priorities for business, particularly manufacturing.

    To keep you up-to-date we are sharing our AI in Manufacturing content series. Our CEO and AI Expert Steph Locke has talked extensively on the area and we have complied webinars and articles below for easy access, viewing and sharing.


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    The techniques behind AI for Manufacturing

    Learn about the artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques needed to build your own intellectual property to enhance your manufacturing processes.

    The Historian and AI Webinar (#AIFIghtsBack) Learn about how AI can be used to leverage data from multiple sensors as it's being consolidated by historian appliances. Webinar
    AI in Manufacturing An overview and guide to getting started with AI in manufacturing, in association with the ICBE. Webinar
    Mastering AI in manufacturing: the three levels of competency The journey to mastering emerging tech in Industry 4.0 starts at the apprentice level. Article
    Industry IoT, smart factories and AI in manufacturing Industry IoT has trigged a revolution of AI in manufacturing, otherwise known as Industry 4.0. The future of manufacturing lies in smart factories. Article


    Stephanie Organ

    Written by Stephanie Organ