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    The Historian and AI Webinar (#AIFIghtsBack)

    Published on 15-May-2020 12:43:39

    AI for manufacturing has huge potential. As well as clear AI use cases like robotics and automation, the wealth of data being consolidated into industrial time series via historian appliances presents an opportunity for further AI applications. Using the data being consolidated, we can build early warning systems for critical issues, optimise maintenance programs, and improve processes.

    Delivered as part of our #AIFightsBack series, this is the second AI in manufacturing focused webinar, delivered in association with the Irish Centre of Business Excellence. The next two AI in Manufacturing cover some of the relevant machine learning techniques and how IoT can be used to support social distancing in the workplace.






    #AIFightsBack - What's next?

    • AI in Manufacturing (Technical)  with Steph Locke - Thur, 21 May 2020 15:00 BST Register here
    • A Journey to Trustworthy AI with Clare Dillon NewWorks - Thur, 28 May 2020 15:00 BST Register here
    • How to become a Data Science Company instead of a company with Data Scientists with Ashwini Mathur Novartis - Thur, 4 June 2020 15:00 BST Register here
    • Social Distancing and IoT solutions - How to minimise your on-site risk with Matthew Macdonald-Wallace, Mockingbird Consulting - Thur 11 June 2020 15.00 BST Register here
    • Data Science versus Privacy - during these Pandemic times with Dr. Iain Keaney, - Thur 18 June 2020 15.00 BST Register here

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    #AIFightsBack is an online webinar series for anyone in business who needs to learn about how AI can create value and help you come back stronger than ever.  Learn from top-notch data practitioners about core automation tools, growth opportunities and the ‘AI quick Wins’ that you can easily adopt in your business to gain momentum. This series is brought to you by Nightingale HQ - your complete platform for AI adoption.

    Topics: Manufacturing AI, AI-Readiness

    Steph Locke

    Written by Steph Locke

    Steph Locke, CEO of Nightingale HQ, is an accomplished data scientist who has helped thousands of businesses during her time working in industry, as a consultant, and as an international keynoter and author.