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    Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 08-May-2020 10:35:25
    Yesterday, we delivered the AI for Marketers webinar as part of our #AIFightsBack series. Here, you will find the resources (slides, recording, ...
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    Topics: Marketing AI, Digital transformation, webinars

    Announcement: #AIFightsBack webinar series

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 06-Apr-2020 13:08:00
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    Topics: Quick wins, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness, Business Continuity, covid19, webinars

    Low ROI from AI is a people problem, not a tech problem

    Posted by Steph Locke on 12-Mar-2020 12:00:00
      The top blockers to effective AI use in businesses aren't technical issues. They're people problems.
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    Topics: AI strategy, Research, AI journey, AI adoption, Expert perspectives, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness

    Let your business strategy drive AI adoption

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 30-Oct-2019 09:47:00
      For their 2019 report, Winning with AI(1), MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consultancy Group undertook a survey of more than 2500 executives ...
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI strategy, AI adoption, Digital transformation

    Decoding the hype around AI

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 29-Oct-2019 10:02:00
    As the powers and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) expand and evolve, the same cannot be said for the general understanding of the topic. ...
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    Topics: Understanding AI, AI adoption, Digital transformation

    How can companies lay the foundations to scale up AI?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 23-Oct-2019 09:15:00
    Implementing AI at scale in an organisation can yield a wealth of benefits, from improving profit margins to saving workers valuable time. But ...
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI journey, Data culture, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness

    Using AI to enhance business operations

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 18-Oct-2019 11:09:49
    Enterprise cognitive computing is the application of AI to enhancing business operations, and has a wide range of applications including call ...
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    Topics: Business Operations, Data Analytics, AI strategy, Data Science, Digital transformation