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    5.6million UK SMEs - listen up and automate!

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 26-Jun-2020 10:37:29
      This week on #AIFightsBack, Steph Locke, CEO of Nightingale HQ, talked about the new GoSmarter automation toolbox, funded by Innovate UK and free ...
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    Topics: Chatbots, Startup, AI journey, Digital transformation, Microsoft, covid19, webinars

    Low ROI from AI is a people problem, not a tech problem

    Posted by Steph Locke on 12-Mar-2020 12:00:00
      The top blockers to effective AI use in businesses aren't technical issues. They're people problems.
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    Topics: AI strategy, Research, AI journey, AI adoption, Expert perspectives, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness

    The AI Hierarchy of Needs meets the Minimum Viable Product

    Posted by Steph Locke on 10-Feb-2020 11:00:00
    Two of my favourite pyramids are the Data Science Hierarchy of Needs and the Minimum Viable Product. Combining them helps us build effective ...
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    Topics: AI strategy, Business intelligence, Data Science, AI journey, AI adoption

    How can companies lay the foundations to scale up AI?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 23-Oct-2019 09:15:00
    Implementing AI at scale in an organisation can yield a wealth of benefits, from improving profit margins to saving workers' valuable time. But ...
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI journey, Data culture, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness

    Florence Nightingale: Lighting the way in much more than healthcare

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 16-Oct-2019 09:45:00
    Many may think of Florence Nightingale as the incredible woman who reformed healthcare in ways that still impacts the industry today, but at ...
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