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    Ethical AI monitoring in the post-COVID workplace

    Posted by Steph Locke on 14-Dec-2020 09:45:00
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    Topics: AI Ethics, covid19

    Why Trustworthy AI Matters with Clare Dillon

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 02-Jun-2020 17:47:31
    Guest contributor on #AIFightsBack last week was Technologist Clare Dillon. She presented A Journey to Trustworthy AI from an economic, social, ...
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    Topics: AI use case, AI Ethics, covid19, webinars

    A partnership of Machine Learning and AI with healthcare professionals

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 27-Jan-2020 09:15:00
    Healthcare has always been a data-rich area, but with new technologies for processing and structuring, and new ways of collecting data, such as using ...
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    Topics: Healthcare, AI use case, AI Ethics

    Advanced AI techniques in retail that are making their jobs a breeze

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 06-Jan-2020 09:00:00
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already beginning to transform several industries, and it continues to divide opinions on whether it will transform ...
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    Topics: AI use case, AI Ethics, Retail AI

    Removing AI bias for better decision making

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 18-Nov-2019 12:48:54
    It is difficult to deny that humans make biased decisions. Unconsciously we all make choices that are based on prejudices and flawed associations. ...
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    Topics: AI Ethics, Data culture