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    Get our AI for business starter pack in time for Christmas

    Published on 15-Nov-2019 09:26:38

    Book stack edgeThe topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a little hazy and uncomfortable as businesses struggle to get to grips with exactly what it is and how to use it. Some businesses are bracing and hoping for the craze to pass, others don’t think they have the internal knowledge or the financial requirements to take advantage of AI, and others may have entered a frustrating loop of projects that get stuck in the pilot phase, or simply fail.

    While many companies are aware of the potential that AI holds and the impact it is likely to have on every industry, still only around 20% of businesses are actively incorporating it into internal processes and external offerings. So what is holding everyone else back? The biggest factors appear to be fear of the unknown in terms of knowledge gaps and uncertain results, closely followed by company culture that have not yet adapted in a way that supportive of AI.

    Are these easy fixes? As a matter of fact, yes. All it takes is a little push to get the ball rolling, and Nightingale HQ are here to offer you that push. As 2020 approaches its time to get over the AI hype, put aside your qualms, and get your AI strategy ready to roll in the new year.

    As a little incentive to businesses who are ready to take AI seriously, just want to experiment, or those who less confidently know they should be doing something, but don’t know where to start, we are offering the chance to win an essential stack of 9 books to equip you with everything you need to know to set up a company culture where AI can flourish, guide you through the basics and prepare you for your first AI wins.

    If you’re interested in winning the ultimate AI starter pack, simply register your company with Nightingale HQ before December 13th to be entered into the draw. We’ll announce a winner on December 14th and get the book to you in time for some light Christmas reading.


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    These books will help bring you up to speed, recognise where your knowledge gaps lie and give you a clearer understanding of what you need to do to in terms of your AI business strategy. As you will discover, your first move doesn’t have to be a breathtaking project, in fact getting your business ready for AI can involve small changes over time, particularly around culture, and embarking on smaller projects to pull of easy wins while you build up momentum and pave the way for success. To see the full list of included books, scroll to the bottom of the page.


    What we offer

    The book stack isn’t the only advantage of entering this competition. In the process, you’ll also be signing up for a Nightingale HQ profile which means you’ll be opening your organisation up to opportunities to collaborate with data and AI consultants. If you’re not ready to find a match just yet, that doesn’t matter, your profile will be ready for when you are.

    As we’ve already discussed, one of the main blockers for companies wanting to use AI is the skills gap, so it is often necessary to bring someone in to help you get going. At Nightingale HQ we believe that a consultant is the right person to call on as they can identify a course of action and help you incorporate the skills, training and knowledge necessary to overcome your problems.

    When you’re in a position to start collaborating with an AI consultant, you’ll be able to take advantage of our expert matching algorithm to find the specialist with a matching skillset to your needs. Your consultant will then work with you to establish longterm solutions that your company can be taught to self regulate moving forward.


    The Reading List 

    • The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence: How to identify and implement applications for AI in your organization
    • Data Science for Business: What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking
    • The Chief Data Officer's Playbook
    • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
    • Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
    • Innovator's Solution, Revised and Expanded: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth
    • The Phoenix Project: A Novel about It, Devops, and Helping Your Business Win
    • Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage
    • Hit Refresh: A Memoir by Microsoft’s CEO

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    Stephanie Organ

    Written by Stephanie Organ