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    Four tips for introducing an FAQ chatbot

    Published on 05-Aug-2020 12:05:19

    Getting your own chatbot up and running is not as tricky as you may think. In fact there are many no-code options available and you can be setup in minutes. We have put together a list of tips to consider before you jump in on augmenting your customer service. 

    1. Talk to your teams

    Involving any customer-facing member of your team in the creation of your FAQ chatbot ensures that team members know they are not being replaced, as well as helping you get the best content for the chatbot. They know better than anyone the questions they get all too often, so they will see the value in not having to answer these question and being able to focus on other tasks.

    If you don't know where to start, try searching your company name to see what people are asking on forums. You can always add relevant question and answers later as people's needs become more clear.

    2. Give your chatbot a personality 

    In any business, it is important to understand your customer personas and the journey that they go through as a buyer. You can strengthen your customer personas by talking to different members of your team to get the full picture and develop your user journey. You can now use this perspective to fine-tune your FAQs and create a conversational experience that your customers will enjoy.

    3. Define your end game!

    No, we are not talking Avengers, we are talking about what you want to achieve. Getting people's attention is hard, so when they come to you with a question, don't miss the chance to push for your end goal! Make sure to include suggestions or calls to action at the end of a conversational flow. You may be able to encourage a sale directly from the chatbot.

    4. Augment customer service

    While chatbots have many perks, like instant customer service and improving customer engagement, they don't always have all the answers, and some people just want to speak to a human. Letting your customers know that a human option is available releases this tension. Customers are more likely to give the chatbot a go, knowing that they can speak to a real person if it doesn't get them the answer they need.

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    Laura Dernie

    Written by Laura Dernie