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    DataOps for everyone at #DataOpticon

    Published on 17-Feb-2020 10:45:00

    If there’s one thing that our CEO Steph Locke is passionate about, it’s data. Getting businesses’ data AI-ready, sharing knowledge around data skills and processes, and generally empowering people through data. Back in September 2019, Steph hosted the first ever DataOpticon in London, with a simple goal: to help people who work with data do it better.

    microsoft reactor

    With such great feedback from the London event, it made sense that while she was in the States for the Global MVP summit — Steph Locke is one of 3 people worldwide to be recognised for both Data Platform and AI by Microsoft and be awarded the Most Valuable Professional title in both — that she would host a second, US edition of DataOpticon.

    The event will take place at the Microsoft Reactor, Redmond, Washington, USA on March 21st and presents another opportunity to advocate for the use of DataOps, DevOps for Data, MLOps, or however else people want to refer to it. We firmly believe in using such processes and helping practitioners to understand the trends and techniques that will impact their worlds over the next few years, so we jumped at the chance to support this event and get the message out.

    Data is going to shape our future, so it is vital to build healthy practices around its use. DataOps is all about simplifying, automating, and collaborating to optimise data processes. Short talks of around 20 minutes will cover just this, disseminating information about data principles, culture, people, processes and tools. For the chance to present and share your information on any of these topics, respond the the call for speakers before February 21st, slots are filling up fast.

    The Redmond event will remain free to anyone who wishes to attend but will be particularly useful to practitioners and leaders of data engineering, data science, AI, and business intelligence departments. It is important to register for the event to reserve your spot.

    If you're interested in engaging with our practitioners and supporting the running of this free-to-attend conference, get in touch with us. Nightingale HQ and DataKitchen are already proud sponsors.

    We are hopeful that with the US edition, DataOpticon will take off as an international event. We are very much looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

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    Stephanie Organ

    Written by Stephanie Organ