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    Customer service automation with an easy FAQ Chatbot

    Published on 25-Aug-2020 15:02:56

    As part of our #GoSmarter webinar series, Mia Hatton, Data Science Apprentice for Nightingale HQ and founder of a small business, talks to us about the wonders that an FAQ Chatbot can do for business, approaching the topic from both points of view. Our GoSmarter project is aimed at SMEs to help them bounce back from the effects of COVID-19 by providing them with the 6 tools to get them automating and saving time.

    When we talk about automation, we just mean using a system to automatically complete a task, usually repetitive or boring tasks, which frees up staff and allows them to focus on the things that humans are better at, enjoy more, or require a deeper thought process.

    How does automation fit into a chatbot?

    A chatbot is simply a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation, either spoken or written. It's almost certain that you will have interacted with a chatbot on the internet, and just as likely that you will have used a virtual assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant, which are conversational chatbots built into your phone that use AI to learn and find relevant answers. An FAQ chatbot, however, leans more towards automation than AI, as when it serves up answers, it is finding them in the predefined knowledge base document.

    How does an FAQ chatbot fit into your business?

    Firstly, it is really important to note that an FAQ chatbot is never going to replace human customer service, but it can amplify your customer service tenfold. Not only is going to help your team by filtering out the repetitive questions, but it's also going to make sure that someone is available to help your customers 24/7. That means you never miss out on an opportunity to engage someone who is curious about your offering.

    • 64% of customers expect 24-hour service
    • 80% of businesses are expected to have chatbot automation this year
    • 40% of consumers don't have a preference for human or chatbot service
    • 67% of global consumers used a chatbot for support in the last year
    • Chatbots can cut operational costs by 30%

    We've written up an additional resource with some tips for bringing an FAQ chatbot into your team to help your staff see the value and get the most out of the tool.

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    Stephanie Organ

    Written by Stephanie Organ