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    Automation: The fundamentals SMEs need to know

    Published on 10-Jul-2020 13:49:40

    GoSmarter contains six AI-powered tools that help SMEs automate tasks and processes saving precious time and helping increase productivity.  Our new webinar series takes you through each tool and up first this week was Less Admin, More Business with Smart Automation. CEO of Nightingale HQ Steph Locke broke the presentation in accessible chunks and covered important considerations regarding getting started with automation as a small business owner. 

    You can view the smaller video clips or the full webinar below and don't forget, if you want to sign up and avail of free expert support to get automation up and running in your business go to and join our waitlist. The first tool will be available on the 3 August.

    GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK and free for SMEs to join. 

    What is Automation? 


    Why is automation important for SMEs?

    What is important to know to be able to automate processes?




    What is the right approach for automating processes?


    What tools are out there for SME automation?


    Less admin, More Business with Smart Automation (Full webinar)


    Sign up for GoSmarter


    The GoSmarter webinar series has now finished. We covered some pretty powerful tools and how to use them, and you can catch up on all the webinars below. Please share with other SMEs who could benefit from saving time. 

    • Less admin, More Business with Smart Automation. 9th July 2020 Catch up here
    • Cut out the Grunt Work and Automate your Social Media. 16th July 2020 Catch up here
    • Win More, Win Faster with Sales Automation. 23rd July 2020 Catch up here
    • Need 24/7 Customer Service? Try no code FAQ Chatbots. 30th July 2020 Catch up here
    • Drive Action, Not Notes with Meeting Automation. 6th August 2020 Catch up here
    • Take back control of Processing Invoicing by Automating. 13th August 2020 Catch up here

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    Ruth Kearney

    Written by Ruth Kearney