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    Stephanie Organ

    Stephanie Organ

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    The shift to AI in manufacturing: post pandemic growth

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 08-Oct-2020 09:34:49
    There is no doubt that AI has enabled major efficiencies in predictability and capacity across the supply chain in manufacturing. The global pandemic ...
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    Your business and AI: 18 weeks of webinars

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 29-Sep-2020 16:39:01
    What do you do when a global pandemic hits and messes up your 2020 business plans? We decided to run 18 weeks of webinars. As our pipeline slowed we ...
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    Topics: webinars, automation

    SME time-saver: Invoice processing automation

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 04-Sep-2020 10:03:00
    Our last webinar in the GoSmarter webinar series was about automating the processing of received invoices to eliminate the cost and hassle of errors, ...
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    Topics: Digital transformation, webinars, automation

    Smarter remote meetings for productivity

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 31-Aug-2020 11:45:00
    For the penultimate session in our #GoSmarter webinar series, Data Science Apprentice Mia Hatton takes us through various tools for hosting online ...
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    Topics: webinars, automation

    Customer service automation with an easy FAQ Chatbot

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 25-Aug-2020 15:02:56
    As part of our #GoSmarter webinar series, Mia Hatton, Data Science Apprentice for Nightingale HQ and founder of a small business, talks to us about ...
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    COVID triggers a wave of automation

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 23-Jul-2020 11:55:08
    For companies that have survived thus far through the global pandemic, the next huge challenge they face is getting back to normal. Numerous factors, ...
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    Topics: automation

    How IoT technology can be used to improve UK public transport

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 25-Feb-2020 10:08:00
    There is no shortage of possible applications when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public sector, but while the UK government is ...
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    Topics: Public Sector, AI in transportation, IoT, Government

    DataOps for everyone at #DataOpticon

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 17-Feb-2020 10:45:00
    If there’s one thing that our CEO Steph Locke is passionate about, it’s data. Getting businesses’ data AI-ready, sharing knowledge around data skills ...
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    Topics: Events, DataOps

    Sealing the gap in education poverty with AI & EdTech

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 13-Feb-2020 10:33:50
    Could education be the industry that has seen the least change over the years? While we’ve seen big changes in the accessibility of education, there ...
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    Topics: AIEd, EdTech

    How to score your first AI quick wins: Intelligent Insights

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 04-Feb-2020 10:00:00
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI use case, AI adoption