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    Mia Hatton

    Mia Hatton

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    How to use Azure Cognitive Services to make voiceovers for your videos

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 10-Mar-2020 11:00:00
      In this post, we take you through how to use Microsoft's Cognitive Services to generate voiceovers for your videos. In practice, this technique for ...
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    Topics: AI use case, Marketing AI, How To, Microsoft

    Add an FAQ bot to your Facebook page with Chatfuel

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 23-Dec-2019 08:55:00
    If your business has a Facebook page, and you and your staff often find yourselves answering the same questions repeatedly via Messenger, you can ...
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    Topics: Marketing AI, Chatbots, Quick wins

    Take the hassle out of note-taking with

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 18-Dec-2019 12:08:19
    How much time is spent taking and distributing minutes in your organisation? How often are your staff impacted by miscommunications, forgotten action ...
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    Topics: AI use case, Quick wins, Accessibility

    Why do you need business intelligence?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 25-Nov-2019 10:13:02
    How quickly could you answer the question, "How's your business doing?" if it was asked right now? How detailed would your answer be, and how ...
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    Topics: Business intelligence, Data culture, AI-Readiness

    Removing AI bias for better decision making

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 18-Nov-2019 12:48:54
    It is difficult to deny that humans make biased decisions. Unconsciously we all make choices that are based on prejudices and flawed associations. ...
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    Topics: AI Ethics, Data culture

    How AI in marketing is enhancing B2B sales

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 11-Nov-2019 12:05:21
      At the end of 2018, Salesforce reported that adoption of AI by marketers had grown by 44% last year, and that adoption rate is unlikely to slow ...
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    Topics: Sales AI, Marketing AI

    How can you attract the best AI talent from a limited pool?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 31-Oct-2019 10:06:04
    According to research by MMC Ventures, demand for AI talent has doubled in 24 months, faster than the talent pool can keep up. As of 2019 there was ...
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    Topics: AI strategy, AI adoption

    Let your business strategy drive AI adoption

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 30-Oct-2019 09:47:00
    To reveal the tactics and behaviours of companies that are getting the most out of AI, MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consultancy Group ...
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI strategy, AI adoption, Digital transformation

    Can AI outperform medical professionals in diagnosis?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 28-Oct-2019 11:05:00
    Last year the Guardian reported that AI is 'equal to humans in medical diagnoses' when interpreting images, referring to a study published in Lancet ...
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    Topics: Healthcare, AI use case

    How can companies lay the foundations to scale up AI?

    Posted by Mia Hatton on 23-Oct-2019 09:15:00
    Implementing AI at scale in an organisation can yield a wealth of benefits, from improving profit margins to saving workers' valuable time. But ...
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    Topics: Data Analytics, AI journey, Data culture, Digital transformation, AI-Readiness