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    Automation for invoice processing

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 24-Feb-2021 09:45:00
    Automation is key to driving digital experiences that help keep operations efficient and employees productive. Invoice processing is a key area where ...
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    Topics: Microsoft, automation, robotic process automation

    Artificial Intelligence growth in the EU

    Posted by Steph Locke on 18-Feb-2021 09:15:00
    This article is part of an ongoing series sharing insights into the development of AI policy in Europe. In November last year we were appointed to ...
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    Topics: Research, AI adoption, Digital transformation

    Grow your business with Social Media Listening

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 11-Feb-2021 10:21:47
    Social media is an important medium for engaging with new and existing segments of your audience. While your social media efforts can help your ...
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    Topics: Marketing AI, automation, gosmarter

    Boost operational efficiency with chatbots

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 11-Feb-2021 10:08:08
    Many businesses are facing a pressing need to tidy up their operations, cut costs, and increase productivity due to the global pandemic. One ...
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    Topics: Chatbots, automation, gosmarter

    Building operational resilience in times of crisis

    Posted by Steph Locke on 05-Feb-2021 13:36:04
    Operational resilience has always been a key factor in business success, but not enough businesses consider their ability to take stress in turbulent ...
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    Topics: Business Operations, DataOps, Digital transformation