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    Bigger, better sales with AI

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 28-Jul-2020 12:13:58
    Automation and Artificial Intelligence can support the sales team to make bigger, better sales. AI in sales and marketing can be particularly ...
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    Topics: Sales AI, Marketing AI, Chatbots, Quick wins

    COVID triggers a wave of automation

    Posted by Stephanie Organ on 23-Jul-2020 11:55:08
    For companies that have survived thus far through the global pandemic, the next huge challenge they face is getting back to normal. Numerous factors, ...
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    Topics: automation

    Social listening for small businesses

    Posted by Steph Locke on 21-Jul-2020 09:30:00
    Our latest webinar was on social listening. Social listening is monitoring social media for feedback, mentions, or relevant chatter to gain insight ...
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    Topics: Marketing AI, Quick wins, webinars, automation, gosmarter

    Automation: The fundamentals SMEs need to know

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 10-Jul-2020 13:49:40
    GoSmarter contains six AI-powered tools that help SMEs automate tasks and processes saving precious time and helping increase productivity.  Our new ...
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    Topics: AI adoption, Digital transformation, automation, RPA, robotic process automation, gosmarter

    7 reasons why SMEs need to automate and how

    Posted by Ruth Kearney on 03-Jul-2020 17:16:39
      Going digital and using automation has never been more important to small businesses than it has been since COVID-19. Here's some stats you may not ...
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    Topics: AI adoption, Digital transformation, automation