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    Announcing our Research Panel

    Published on 17-Dec-2019 09:00:00

    We want to help more than one million businesses adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in the next five years. To do that we need your help. We're working on the world's biggest dataset on AI adoption via what we collect on our site, but qualitative data from knowledgeable people can be extremely valuable. As such we're launching our research panel to engage with people around the world.

    Joining our Research Panel will mean being invited to provide opinions on industry trends, the direction of our strategic tooling, and engage in closed trials of products before we launch them.

    For data & AI consultants, the sorts of research we will be doing in the coming months focuses on services and product offerings in the market and what trends we can help you address. For businesses and other organisations, we're looking to better understand the decision making processes, how AI can integrate into your strategy, and specific industry impediments.

    Panellists will receive no more than one email a week with possible requests for insight or feedback and they will be as targeted as possible so that we don't waste your time. You may receive requests to fill in a quick survey, contribute your opinions for blogs and research we're compiling, or be asked to use our products (for free!) and provide feedback.

    Thank you in advance to the folks signing up for the panel.



    Topics: AI strategy, Startup, Research

    Steph Locke

    Written by Steph Locke

    Steph Locke, CEO of Nightingale HQ, is an accomplished data scientist who has helped thousands of businesses during her time working in industry, as a consultant, and as an international keynoter and author.