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    Add an FAQ bot to your Facebook page with Chatfuel

    Published on 23-Dec-2019 08:55:00

    If your business has a Facebook page, and you and your staff often find yourselves answering the same questions repeatedly via Messenger, you can take ten minutes out of your day to save hours of time in the future. Score a quick-win with AI by building your first FAQ bot with Chatfuel.


    • A Facebook page
    • You need to have admin access to your company's Facebook page to deploy the FAQ bot

    Read on to find out how to deploy an FAQ chatbot to your Facebook page in just a few simple steps.

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    Steps to success:

    1. Log in to Chatfuel using your Facebook account.
    2. Click 'Create from template' > 'Blank Bot' from your dashboard to create a new FAQ bot.
    3. Click on your new Blank Bot to edit it.


    1. Edit your welcome message.
    2. Use Add Element > Pre-built flow to add the FAQ skill to the bot.
    3. Chatfuel pre-populates a couple of questions. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions block to view and edit them.
    4. Edit and add questions in the Frequently Asked Questions block and link each question to an answer block. Tip: Change the names of the answer blocks so that you can identify them easily later.
    5. Make sure that each answer links to another block so that the bot doesn't stop mid-conversation. Add links back to the Frequently Asked Questions block.
    6. When you're happy with the FAQ, add an email capture block and a goodbye message.



    1. If you want visitors to be able to ask for help from an operator, add a Live Chat block.
    2. Use the Set up AI menu to create flows based on a user's input. For example, if they type 'help', redirect them to the Live Chat block.

    You can test your bot within Chatfuel before deploying it to your page.

    1. Test your bot within Chatfuel to make sure that you have set it up correctly.
    2. Deploy your bot from the Configure menu.

    Do more with your Chatfuel Bot

    Once you are comfortable with your FAQ section, you can add additional features, including:

    • Qualify leads
    • Human Takeover
    • Export information

    More quick wins

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    Mia Hatton

    Written by Mia Hatton