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    Highlights of 2020 - as read by you

    Published on 21-Dec-2020 15:24:14

    What better way to round off 2020 than with a review of our most popular content as read by you.  We've selected just 6 of your most enjoyed articles this year in case you fancy diving in again.  From AI and data fundamentals, to the use of AI in different sectors, and even a quick win AI project, here's what made the cut.

    The AI Hierarchy of Needs meets the MVP

    AI Hierarchy and MVP pyramid

    Pulling together a proof of concept for data or AI products is going to be a huge challenge if you don't first strengthen the capabilities further down the pyramid. Steph Locke pulls together ideas from the Data Science Hierarchy of Needs and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to help companies gauge their own competency and demonstrate ROI. See Article.



    Industry IoT, smart factories and AI in manufacturing

    body of a car being manufactured by machines in a workshop

    Industry IoT has trigged a revolution of AI in manufacturing, otherwise known as Industry 4.0. Manufacturers are rushing to turn their factories smart, make the most of their data, and use emerging technologies such as 5G. The pressures of COVID-19 have accelerated this even further. This articles covers the different techniques and how they will transform the industry. See article.


    The Jazz Ensemble of Data Science with Novartis

    colourful image of a jazz ensemble with a graph overlaid on top

    Get an inside look at how Big Pharma company, Novartis, rolled out data science and the framework they used to drive adoption. Solution Lead and Head Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Hub, Ashwini Mathur, told us all about it in his webinar for our #AIFightsBack series. See article.



    Advanced AI techniques for retailers

    clothes on a hanger

    A peek inside the world of retail and how it has been transformed by various AI techniques. If you've ever wondered why those ads are so spot on, or why you just couldn't resist that offer, or why that particular app is so nice to use, you just keep coming back... this article has all the secrets. See article.


    7 tips for building resilience through data culture

    side profile of a woman with binary background

    Data culture is the energy that will bring your company's data to life. Creating a culture around data is a fundamental step in successful AI adoption. In a discussion with several executives who have been successfully experimenting with data, 7 top tips come to light. See article.



    Augmenting Customer Services with Chatbots

    Doctor holding smartphone, only his hands and stethoscope hanging around his neck are in shot

    In a world brought to a halt by COVID-19, finding shortcuts and better ways to work has never been more important. Steph Locke discusses how chatbots can reduce the burden on customer service staff, including a live demo of a health care support bot. See article.



    We know you enjoyed them the first time around, so we hope you enjoyed this roundup of your favourite 2020 content.


    Stephanie Organ

    Written by Stephanie Organ